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Our Services

A quality service to meet your exacting requirements

Parkes International is expert in all areas of equine transport. Whatever your specific needs, Parkes International will cater to them in a manner that never compromises on quality of service, whilst remaining cost-efficient at all times.

By utilising any combination of road, air and sea transport, Parkes International can collect and deliver your horses to almost any location in the world.  With a global network of resources at its disposal, we provide personal handling of shipments, wherever and whenever our clients need.

Parkes International utilise airlines and ferry companies which have carbon footprint policies.

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European Transport

For European transport, Parkes International offers a road and air service.

When movements are by road, Parkes International co-ordinates the best possible ‘share’ and uses the most direct route, depending on place of origin and destination. We make all necessary sea-freight bookings, taking care of all the documentation involved. Professional grooms accompany all shipments to ensure the welfare of the horse.

When air transportation is preferred, Parkes International has access to a variety of aircraft and associated equipment - using the most appropriate airline to the client’s needs. As with all other international shipments, professional flying grooms accompany the horses at all times.

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Transatlantic and Pacific Movements

For most non-European destinations, air travel is the usual means of transport. Flights can be arranged to meet your individual requirements, whether by scheduled or chartered flight. During both scheduled and charter flights, horses are secured within purpose built stalls and again professional ‘flying grooms’ accompany all such shipments, ensuring that they are fed, watered and watched over throughout their journey.

Occasionally, air transport is not appropriate. When this is the case, movement of your horse can often be arranged by ship. Custom built stables are utilised to ensure that the horses are kept safe and secure throughout the voyage.  Again, professional attendants ensure the well-being of their charges, throughout the journey.

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